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White-zero's Mobile Suit Gundam - Universal Century Ova Review

Mobile Suit Gundam - Universal Century

Rated: 8

The first half was rather slow but when the final battle looms, it causes excitement to no end. What will happen to Amuro and Char? What will happen to the world? Will everyone realized their mistakes and learn from it? So many questions, yet the answer is hardly there.

Overall, this OVA truly represents how the final duel between two bitter rivals should be fought. Amuro and Char not only clashed because of their ideals but also for their personal reasons.

Of course, there's a few extras for this DVD version. Official trailer, behind the scene and a tribute to Yoshiyuki Tomino.

Whether you're a UC nut or a newbie to the Gundam universe, you should...let me correct that one. YOU MUST watch this. Highly entertaining and extremely recommended.

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White-zero's Mobile Suit Gundam: Alternate Universe Tv Review

Rated: 8

If you're looking for anime to fill up your time (or sick of watching G-SEED over and over again, like me) then this is a good choice. Though it's no better than G-Wing in terms of storyline, the characters interaction (and how Jamil Neet overcome his phobia of a Gundam cockpit) and Garoad's growth from a selfish boy loner to a man who found someone special to protect will certainly keep you glued to this for a while. A definitely good watch and recommended.

If you have hard disk space to spare, you know where to get it or just buy the DVD set if you're rich enough. XD

A thumbs up (I'll give it a two if my other hand is not distracted).

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